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Seminar Series for Women

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Why Not? – A Seminar series designed exclusively for women

This powerful multi-session program enables women to say “whynot?” to having a rewarding professional and personal life. In a safe, supportive and welcoming environment, women become aware, explore and apply new ways of seeing their world and help each other to “act boldly and live fully.”


Who is it for?

Participants are generally mid-career women who want to dive deep into self-discovery to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to become stronger leaders and achieve personal excellence.

What Will I Learn?

Participants learn about the internalized messages women receive in girlhood and the long-lasting consequences they have. From there, things move quickly toward shedding those messages, examining and celebrating individual strengths and using this knowledge to carve out a more robust work and professional life all while being your authentic self.

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When & Where?

College of St. Mary,
Warde Conference Center,
7000 Mercy Road, Omaha NE 68108
Dates & Times
Six consecutive evening sessions, each Thursday beginning October 4th.
Session Dates: 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1 and 11/8

Time: 6:30PM – 9:00 PM



Note: For corporations who are sponsoring attendees and wish to be invoiced please contact us.

A Closer Look at the Topics Participants Will Explore

Externalized Messages/Internalized Beliefs:

We explore the externalized messages that women receive beginning in girlhood. We specifically discuss:

  • sex-role stereotyping
  • body image, and
  • work-career messages.
Emotional and Behavioral Consequences:

Internalized sexism can lead to some damaging emotional and behavioral consequences. We specifically explore:

  • Pessimistic Explanatory Style
  • Fixed Mindset
  • Thinking Traps and Icebergs
  • Rumination or Overthinking
  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter Phenomenon
Unconscious Bias Patterns Women Face in the Workplace:

In this session, we talk about four common bias patterns women face:

  • The Double Bind (also known as The Tightrope).
  • Prove It Again
  • The Maternal Wall
  • Gender Wars.

We talk how in the face of these bias patterns, women often “cover,” which is pretending to be someone you’re not at work. We explore strategies to counteract these bias patterns and to be your authentic self at work.

Who We Are and What We Value:

Participants complete an online survey which identifies their 24 character strengths in priority order. This assessment helps participants identify what is truly important to them and what they must have in their lives to truly thrive.

Saying WhyNot in our Professional Life

Participants begin by identifying how they currently view their professional role — as a job/career/calling? We talk about how it is possible to craft their current job to be more meaningful to them and to leverage their strengths.

Saying WhyNot in our Personal Life

Using an assessment tool, participants identify how they’re handling the intersection of work and life currently and will work through some exercises to help them manage this intersection and their energy more productively.

Rewriting Your Story or “Heaven’s Just a New Pair of Glasses”

Participant experientially learn that we all have a story in our head of our life. That story is not fixed in stone. By learning to rewrite or reframe our stories we can not only change how we view our past but change the way we’ll act in the future. We highlight the major points of each workshop and conclude with the participants making some commitments going forward.


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Registration before 9/6 is $500. After 9/6 it is $600

Note: For corporations who are sponsoring attendees and wish to be invoiced please contact us.


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What Past Participants Say:

“When I came into this class I wasn’t sure what to expect. I feel like I have grown as a person, personally and professionally. I had a lot of “aha” moments that I know will help me in the future. Thank you for such an eye opening experience!”

“The class transformed my perspective of a very difficult work situation. Although it was uncomfortable to examine situations and myself to this degree, it was very enlightening.”

“I can see this workshop as useful for women at all stages of their career.”

“I didn’t truly have expectations for the class. I assumed it was a women’s leadership class. The class dove deep into lots of topics I could relate to and helped me learn about me – who I am/was/becoming. I like the timing. I have been working towards a promotion at work and took away lots to help in that regard.”

“Thank you Pam! This has been extremely enjoyable. I was provided this opportunity and was so happy I made time for it. Part of self-care.“

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