I use the Leadership Circle 360 profile in my coaching and assessment work because it is both practical and powerful. I don’t say this lightly as  I am hardly new to leadership assessments. During my Corporate career in a senior leadership role, I was on the other side of the table and took quite a few leadership assessments. Looking back, none of them were as useful as the Leadership Circle 360 Profile. It does an excellent job of highlighting the underlying beliefs and assumptions that are interfering with leadership effectiveness. My clients consistently report having a real “ah ha!” revelation in a way that is both constructive and actionable.

The gentleman who developed the Leadership Circle Profile, Bob Anderson, wrote an article well worth reading if you are interested in the topic of leadership.  Worth noting is that approximately 75% of leaders operate at the reactive level (explained in the article). He also dispels the myth that developing leaders is the most studied but least understood concept in business.

Enjoy the article – it covers the 5 levels of leadership which is based on the model of human growth (shown in graphic above).