Did you see your shadow on Groundhog’s Day?

Will you have six more weeks of Winter or an early Spring? I’ve often wondered why we have Groundhog’s Day but haven’t wondered hard enough to google it. On a recent cold, cloudy, snow-packed day, I decided to look it up. It actually has Native American roots,...

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The Elephant in the Room

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the elephant in the room.” It’s defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about. Difficult situations and unpleasant experiences. a (heavy) cross to bear idiom.” When...

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The Power of One

The title of a recent article in HBR, “How One Person Can Change the Conscience of an Organization” captured my attention as I often work with leaders who feel they can’t bring meaningful change to their organizations as they aren’t the CEO or they have a “difficult”...

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Who do you want to “be” in 2020?

I have been trying to not binge watch the newest season of The Crown. I like to stretch out the pleasure. Unfortunately, I’m already through episode 7. The episode that has touched me so far (whether or not it is historically accurate) is the episode where men walk on...

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Our Backstage Selves

One of the things I like best about coaching is that I provide a secure, confidential setting for clients to be themselves. Whether at work, home, socially or online, we constantly are performing the best version of ourselves. It’s always been true that we attempt to...

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Knowing when and how to “pull rank”

I love the Netflix show, “The Crown” about the English monarchy from  the mid- 20th century till now. The third season is about to drop and Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Princess Margaret in her middle years. Most of us don’t have the initials HRH behind our...

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Are your self perceptions an illusion?

I was asked recently what is my favorite part of work. I had to think about it. I love giving keynote speeches. Conducting workshops for professionals eager to improve their leadership is always energizing. And I get incredibly invested in my individual coaching...

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Which end of the binoculars are you using?

There’s an old joke that goes like this: How do you catch an elephant? You’ll need a pair of binoculars, some tweezers, and a milk bottle (shows how old this joke is that it contains a milk bottle). Hide in the bushes and wait for an elephant to come by. Look at the...

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Bad Bosses

If you don’t see it, it will manage you. If you do see it, you can manage it. I read a statistic recently that most people will have a bad boss for approximately 80% of their career. I can guarantee that those 80% of “bad” bosses don’t think they’re bad bosses. So,...

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“We can never know about the days to come But we think about them anyway” --Carly Simon I’ve been fortunate enough to spend July and August at our vacation home in Colorado. I’ve done a lot of walking, a lot of writing and reading, a lot of listening to the river. The...

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