“Those who can do – can’t teach!”

Coming from a family of teachers and having been one myself, I always heard the quote putting down teaching as a job people did when they couldn’t do anything else. “Those who can do – those who can’t teach.” So when I saw the above quote in this week’s New York...

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Unconscious Bias: What? So What? Now What?

When I’m doing work with companies on topics, I try to keep the above three questions in mind: What? So What? Now What? So I start by defining the issue, then move on to why it matters, and then follow up with what do we do about it. When the topic comes to...

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The Upside of Envy

There's an interesting article in this Sunday's New York Times, "The Upside of Envy."  The author (Gordon Marino) states that envy is the hardest emotion for us to own. Instead most of us will find a reason to disparage the person or thing that we envy. Perhaps we...

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Unconscious or Conscious: Bias does damage

For the past few years, Unconscious bias has been among the most frequently requested topics for my workshops and presentations. Much of what we believe and assume about others is unconscious. Based on messages we’ve received as we’ve grown up, we’ve formed...

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Only What Can Be Counted?

This quotation is often attributed to Albert Einstein but there’s no real proof he said it. But he should have because it’s so true. I have had several instances in the last few days that have made me think of this quotation and that’s usually an indication I should...

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“I have to tell you I am scared”

The new CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, the former CEO of Expedia, penned this departing note to his Expedia employees: I have to tell you I am scared. I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is like outside this place. But the times of...

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A Strength Over-Used is a Weakness

I was asked recently, “What are some of the negative habits that hinder leaders from being effective and successful?” The top problem I see in my leadership coaching work is leaders overusing a strength. When we over rely on a strength, it limits our effectiveness....

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How’s the Health of Your Leadership Culture?

Organizational culture has often been imagined as a tree with deep roots. You don’t see the roots but they dictate the health of the tree. Often change efforts fail because they address only what is visible, the leaves and branches so to speak. But the deeply rooted...

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Memorial Day Reflections

I friend of one of my grown daughters sent her a text today: She said, “I’ve had a rough week and last night I dreamt that I came back to your old house for some mama Hernandez love.” I was so touched. And it reminded me that we never know the effect that we have on...

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