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A business consultant with decades of executive leadership experience and a thought leader with advanced degrees in business and positive psychology, Pam Hernandez brings practical insights to the challenges you face in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Valued for her problem solving skills, Pam helps individuals and organizations find the right starting point  on the path to transformation.

Examples of our Consulting Services


Corporate Culture Audits

Using the Leadership Circle’s respected Leadership Culture Survey, you get a quick look at your organization’s existing culture, and a guided comparison between the existing culture and the one needed to thrive for the long term. An Ideal starting point for companies that many not be fully on board with the direction to take.


From facilitating a business strategy planning session to developing leadership hiring and development plans, we  build on the organization’s existing strengths to help you create a practical, dynamic and clear path to higher productivity, profits, and other bottom line metrics.

Identifying and Mitigating Unconscious Bias for Business Success

Research shows that companies with diverse, inclusive cultures outperform their competitors. Mitigating unconscious bias is the key to inclusion. We help companies surface unconscious bias and establish policies and practices that will promote inclusion by attracting, motivating and retaining a more diverse workforce.


” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pam in her role as an advisor to the Tri-Faith Initiative in our search for our first full-time executive director, and as a coach for me as I began planning a transition of my role at my company, Vic Gutman & Associates. Pam brings a wealth of experience from her work in HR and strategic planning at a major insurance company, and, just as important, incisive intuition, and empathy in her work with organizations and individuals. Pam’s unique blend of  experience and skills forged from the corporate world, and her insightful and empathetic nature, make her an outstanding consultant and coach.”

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