I love watching the Olympics. The physical excellence, the dedication, the determination and singled-minded focus leading to one penultimate moment. I’m always reminded of Whitney Houston’s song, “One Moment in Time” that was used as the 1988 Olympic anthem.

I want one moment in time
When I’m more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I’m racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will feel
I will feel eternity
(click for Whitney singing the entire song) 

At the same time that I admire the athletes, I don’t envy them. I wouldn’t want “one moment in time.” The pressure of a lifetime coming down to one moment. What about all the other moments of our lives? Do they become insignificant? A cosmic letdown? Depressing as no moment can live up to that one?

I would rather find the significance in each moment in time, but I’d be lying if I said I do. On occasion, I feel eternity brushing my cheek or stirring the air around me. Usually, I’m in nature, listening to the river behind my house or giving wide berth to the Mama elk grazing with her baby. Then I realize I am part of something larger, something eternal.

So here’s to the Olympians! May they have their one moment in time, and may we all appreciate each moment in our own time as precious and meaningful.