Last night I spoke at a UNO women’s basketball game. It was their “Pink’d Out” night raising awareness of breast cancer. As a two-time survivor I was asked to speak along with another woman I met that evening, Ashlie. We were a study in contrasts. She is only 33, a mother of three young boys, and in the middle of her treatments. My daughters were teenagers when I was diagnosed the first time and young women, the second time.

Ashlie and I talked about the challenges we faced with our kids. Each of us thought the other had a tougher time of it. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. She has three very young, rambunctious boys to keep up with during treatment. I know how stressful and exhausting that must be. She thought it was be harder for me because my girls were old enough to understand and be afraid. And yes, that was extremely difficult as I could relate, all too well, to how they felt. I mentioned in my remarks that I had been 21 when my own mother passed away from colon cancer and even though you’re supposed to be an adult, you still need your mom at 21. This has been a major motivator for me to stay healthy. I don’t want them to be without a mother nor do I want to miss all the special events in their lives. Having cancer reinforces the truth that time is finite and every moment can count if you treat how you spend your time as a priority. It helped me find the courage to start my own business doing what I love most – helping individuals and businesses “see clearly, act boldly, and live fully.”

Our interviews at the game can be seen on the video below.