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Leadership in Higher Education is Unique

Most leaders begin their careers as academics with deep knowledge in their content area. But many are then tasked with leading committees, chairing departments, managing budgets and getting results with little positional authority over the groups they lead. What these leaders need is the ability to align others around a vision, to positively influence others, and build collaborative, supportive teams.

The Right Reflection has proven success in accelerating leadership development for professionals in higher education. We help leaders leverage their authentic leadership strengths and address reactive tendencies that may be limiting their effectiveness.

We help higher education professionals through individual coaching engagements and our comprehensive Leadership Academy.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching can be tailored to the needs of the higher education professional:
  1. High-potential candidates, who are being groomed for leadership positions, can benefit from targeted coaching aimed at leveraging their strengths, filling in any gaps, and helping them learn to scale their leadership.
  2. Strong performers who have reached a plateau in their career and finding themselves frustrated can benefit from assistance in re-discovering what they love about the profession and how to re-ignite their passion.
  3. Talented individuals whose behavior is disruptive, troublesome and impacting organizational culture can benefit from an intensive intervention aimed at turning around behavior and turning a liability into an asset.

The Higher Education Leadership Academy

Our most comprehensive offering to higher education professionals is The Higher Education Leadership Academy. Tailored to the needs and culture of Academics, Administrators and the college setting, the Higher Education Leadership Academy includes one-on-one coaching sessions, know yourself assessment surveys, and results-driven immersion and training seminars. The Higher Education Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity to gain actionable insight on your strengths and challenges.


Working with Pam Hernandez is of immense help to College of Saint Mary as we seek to ensure an organizational culture attentive to our mission and values.   Pam has done executive coaching with several of our faculty and staff leaders and her work has resulted in the building of stronger, more functional teams.  Pam listens carefully, provides feedback skillfully, and works to ensure results to benefit the individual person as well as the team.

Dr Maryanne Stevens.
President, College of St Marys 


Because you work in a very demanding field, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to browse around for timely  leadership and and higher education articles of interest. That’s why we’ve done the work for you.  Check here regularly for recent web posts including artcles, books social media posts and blogs of special interest to higher education professionals.

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