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“Leadership is not a coat of skills you put on, it’s a way of being.”

Pam Hernandez

Leadership Excellence for Experienced and Aspiring Business Leaders

Tools for transforming individuals and strengthening teams

One thing great leaders have in common is their desire to be better. It never ceases. Leadership Excellence coaching and training helps leaders of all kinds, experienced and aspiring, expand their knowledge and skill sets. Research-based, business-focused and positive, our individual coaching and custom leadership excellence programs engage individuals and teams with lessons they can apply for years. The result is improved confidence and leadership effectiveness.

One-on-One Coaching

The Right Reflection’s One-on-One Coaching is grounded in Positive Psychology.  Every detail and every moment of the process is focused on helping people thrive through discovery and use of individual strengths versus “fixing” what may seem to be broken.

Our coaching applies an analytical and continual cycle of awareness, exploration and application to ensure the positive insights gained add value for the long term. Clients benefit from the concepts most important to their situation, explore how they show up in their world and take specific actions to incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives. 

The process, which is customized to you, includes proven tools like the Leadership Circle Profile™, a powerful assessment resource to quickly diagnose what’s working in your life, what isn’t and why. Highly regarded for its accuracy and actionable results, this invaluable tool integrates into a single evaluation what would otherwise take multiple assessments to accomplish.

Used by individuals at critical turning points as well as leaders at every level of an organization, our individual coaching can be used on its own or in combination with our other Leadership Excellence Programs detailed below.

“My purpose in writing this note is to enthusiastically endorse Pam Hernandez at Right Reflection’s executive coaching. Timing is everything and I am certain that working with Pam gave me immediate alternatives and strategies to meet the challenges of leadership. Pam is an expert who is well read and able to share from research, literature or real life experiences. If you are ready to really explore your leadership including your work-life balance Pam is the Executive Coach for you.”

Amy Richardson
President and CEO, Women’s Center for Advancement


Leadership Excellence Group Programs

Leadership is a broad and over-used term. When we use it, we mean “creating results that matter.” Research has shown over and over again, the biggest difference between top performing companies and bottom performing companies is in the quality of their leaders. Leaders create the culture; leaders align others around the vision; leaders execute strategy; and leaders inspire others. We believe you can’t separate what leaders do from who leaders are and way too much leadership development focuses solely on what leaders do. Our approach is to build leadership excellence from the inside out. No matter the specific topic, we follow the same process:

    • Awareness
    • Exploration
    • Application

So whether you engage us for our premier leadership academy, our WhyNot? multi-session series for Women in Leadership, or one of our single session topics, you can be sure that participants will emerge knowing themselves better, seeing their world in new ways and having skills they can intentionally apply for optimal results.

Every engagement is customized to the needs of the specific audience, but here are some samples of programs we offer. After looking at them, let’s talk about your company’s specific needs.

Scroll down for more details on our Leadership Excellence Programs. 

Leadership Academy

There’s a notable difference between The Right Reflection’s Leadership Academy and other leadership programs. Rather than applying an “outside-in” leadership model that allegedly fits all sizes, we take a customized, powerful ‘inside-out” approach.

Limited to 10 or fewer participants, the Leadership Academy begins with a compelling, confidential assessment (Leadership Circle Profile®) that measures leadership competencies and identifies roadblocks to effectiveness. From there, through a combination of workshops and individual coaching spanning several months, each participant creates and launches a personalized and actionable individual leadership development plan.

The result is leadership effectiveness that sticks.

Audience: Senior leaders responsible for the success of an organization including establishing the vision, developing the culture, and strategic planning.

Why Not? Seminar Series for Women in Leadership

Say “why not?” to having a richly rewarding professional and personal life. In a supportive and welcoming environment, participants explore and apply new ways of seeing themselves and their world clearly and then help each other “act boldly and live fully.”

During this multi-session seminar, participants learn about the internalized messages women receive in girlhood and the long-lasting consequences they have. From there, things move quickly toward shedding those messages, examining and celebrating individual strengths and using this knowledge to carve out a more robust work and professional life all while being your authentic self.

Audience: Mid-career women who want to dive deep into self-discovery to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to become strong leaders.

Single-Session Workshop Offerings

Significantly improve the health of your business. Strengthen team effectiveness. Measurably improve employee engagement. Change mindsets. The Right Reflection’s topic-specific workshops can vary from 90 minutes to a full day and related topics can be combined to create your own customized program. Some of our most requested workshops include:

  • Identifying and managing unconscious bias (one of 4 unconscious bias topics)
  • identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths for success
  • Combatting Stress
  • Change your Perspective – Change Your Life
  • Emergenetics – a guided exploration of what makes each of us unique

Audience: All organizations and employee levels. From a “lunch and learn” to a multi-day session, The Right Reflection offers training on a wide range of leadership development topics.

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