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Every team, group or organization, regardless of size or industry, eventually experiences glitches in human dynamics that can, at best, make workers less productive and at worst, derail the future of the company. Examples abound and include everything from the disruptive behavior of a single employee to the collective resistance to necessary change. While most managers are aware that something is getting in the way of productivity, they are often too close to the organization to pinpoint the exact issues.


That’s where we come in.

We’re a highly experienced, neutral resource that can help you move your department, team or organization forward with the momentum and commitment needed to secure a successful future.

How We Work:


We gain an in depth understanding of the issues

We tailor an assessment process to your needs which may entail a combination of written surveys and personal interviews. 


We deliver actionable, practical solutions

Based on the assessment results we apply sound organizational theory and extensive practical experience to design solutions that deliver the best return on your investment.

Examples of our Work

A misunderstood change in strategy…

Identified the cause of ruptures in an otherwise strong team created by an abrupt, but necessary change in strategy. Developed an intervention that included a comprehensive two-way communications program that helped the team understand and buy in to the change. Used team building tools to “reset” the strong unity the team experienced before the change

An HR staff with a reputation problem…

Worked with a technology company to build the credibility and effectiveness of the Human Resources department. Created a clear understanding between HR and Senior management of desired changes in the way HR currently operated. Established a “client centric” approach to how HR served the organization and how senior management conveyed their support of HR to the rest of the organization.

Starting over…

Designed and implemented a performance management program, including content and collateral, customized to support newly stated mission, vision, and values of a high-tech firm in the Southeast.

More than misunderstandings…

Conducted a critical intervention in a department with declining productivity caused largely by perceived favoritism and “cliques” that had formed over time, that were highly (and passively) resistant to change.

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