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Change what you see (and be your best self). The Right Reflection’s leadership development brings positive, business-focused change to individuals and groups in today’s challenging and competitive world. Developed by Pam Hernandez, a former business executive and trusted thought leader on leadership development, The Right Reflection helps people see and learn from what they’re missing. It pinpoints strengths and self-limiting beliefs with unique, empirically based assessments. Custom-to-you change strategies, positive psychology and hands-on, business-practical coaching turn learning into action with impressive results. People see themselves in a more productive light sparking new levels of self-awareness, confidence and productivity.

Bold, powerful and effective leaders

If you want to achieve something special, you need to do something special. The Right Reflection offers that something special.  The experience is not life coaching and not prone to the fads of the self-help industry. The Right Reflection is dynamic, customized, research-based, relatable and best of all, proven. It transforms thinking to improve doing, giving people renewed courage and improved skills to live fully and accomplish more in today’s complex world.

Leadership Excellence, Consulting and Speaking Engagements

Our services help people and businesses see what’s possible. Research-based and customized with a foundation in positive psychology. They include: 


The Right Reflection’s strengths-based Leadership Excellence programs offer both individual coaching and team and group workshops. Helping leaders steer an organization through transformative change, strengthening teams and introducing proven best practices that help organizations hire and retain the most capable employees, and much more are available through our Leadership Excellence programs. 

With decades of executive leadership experience, The Right Reflection brings practical insights to the challenges leaders face in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. From facilitating strategic planning meetings to overseeing corporate culture audits, we serve as the starting  point for organizations and individuals to clearly see the right path forward.

No worries (or yawns) here. Pam Hernandez will energize your business event with powerful, relevant and uplifting messages. An expert speaker, facilitator and event advisor, Pam adds a spark to meetings and events with her engaging style and insights on a wide range of leadership and self-awareness topics.

“The Nebraska Medical Association and Nebraska Medical Foundation have worked with Pam and The Right Reflection and are extremely pleased with our relationship. Beginning a new “leadership academy” has been made easy with Pam’s expertise and willingness to work with her clients individually. We are excited about continuing our relationship into the future!”

Amy Reynoldson, Executive Vice President,Nebraska Medical Association



Meet Pam Hernandez

Pam Hernandez knows a thing or two about leadership. She excelled as a business leader for more than 30 years, working her way up from an entry level position to Chief Operating Officer in the financial services industry. Her talent with people, hiring, managing and inspiring the best of employees, was a particular strength. Pam began sharing her unique leadership strategies as a public speaker. The experience changed audiences and Pam alike. Her passion for teaching transformational leadership led her back to school (she obtained a Masters Degrees in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania) and to form The Right Reflection. Today, individuals, teams, and organizations turn to Pam to see what is possible and achieve true, positive change for new levels of success and self-acceptance.


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