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Pam Hernandez is a popular choice for group events, conferences and more. Her ability to engage listeners and her practical vision of positive change are key reasons why.  Insightful on a range of timely business and leadership topics, Pam inspires groups with her words and helps them see and achieve cultures of limitless possibility and productivity.  A passionate advocate for women leaders and a pioneer as a female executive in her field, Pam is especially proud to work with women’s groups, speaking on topics of interest to their unique and significant challenges as leaders in today’s business climate.

Sampling of the topics Pam speaks to:

  • Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Leading in a VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)
  • Change Your Perspective — Change Your Life
  • Unconscious Bias: What — So what — Now What?

    (What is unconscious bias; why should companies care; what can organizations do to mitigate its effect.)

  • Unconscious Bias Patterns Women Face and Strategies to Mitigate:

    (Includes Double Bind — Proving It Again — Maternal Wall — and Gender Wars)

  • Re-craft the Job You Have Into the Job You Want
  • Discover Your Character Strengths and Use Them to Enrich Your Life
  • Defuse Self-Limiting Beliefs

    (such as perfectionism, imposter phenomenon, over-thinking, thinking traps and icebergs) to increase your success at work and home)

Examples of  Pam’s Talks:

TedX Talk – Adultery of the Brain

Though these are workshop video clips versus speaking engagements, they provide a glimpse of the topics Pam can speak to.

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