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Pam Hernandez is a popular choice for group events, conferences and more. Her ability to engage listeners and her practical vision of positive change are key reasons why.  Insightful on a range of timely business and leadership topics, Pam inspires groups with her words and helps them see and achieve cultures of limitless possibility and productivity.  A passionate advocate for women leaders and a pioneer as a female executive in her field, Pam is especially proud to work with women’s groups, speaking on topics of interest to their unique and significant challenges as leaders in today’s business climate.

Sampling of the topics Pam speaks to:


Leadership from the Inside Out

Both a speaking topic and a comprehensive development program, Leadership From the Inside Out  includes a comprehensive understanding of the underlying beliefs and behavoirs that result in leadership excellence.

Leadership in a VUCA World

VUCA is an acronym for Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex and Ambiguous, the defining characteristics of today’s business environment. An expert on this topic, Pam addressses, as a speaking topic or full development program, the proven connection between leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

Unconscious Bias

Research consistently shows that companies with diverse, inclusive workforces attract the best talent and have better financial performance. This topic lays the groundwork for identifying and mitigating unconscious bias at the individual and organizational level.

Professional Development For Women

Mitigating Unconscious Bias Patterns Women Face 

A popular speaking topic, mitigating unconscious bias patterns unique to women covers a range of topics including The Double Bind, Proving it again, the Maternal Wall and Gender Wars.

Defuse Self Limiting Beliefs

This is a helpful subject for both women and men, but many of these characteristics, including imposter phenomenon, perfectionism and overthinking are especially prevalent among women.  Defusing self-limiting beliefs can increase your success in and out of work.

Personal and Professional Development

Importance of Self Compassion

Be kinder to yourself. Understanding the personal and professional benefits to having compassion for yourself will help you lower your anxiety, reduce rumination and improve your ability to cope with negative emotions.

Change Your Perspective – Change your Life

We each have our own life story that we are constantly rewriting in our heads. This topic includes a powerful exercise that will change participants perspective of their own story, for the better,  

 Discover your Character Strengths 

Understanding your character strengths can be life enriching. For this topic, Pam guides the participants through how to interpret their results from the VIA Survey which provides an in depth look at what you value most.

Examples of Speaking Engagement Topics

TedX Talk – Adultery of the Brain

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