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We help individuals and organizations see what’s possible. Research-based and customized with a foundation in positive psychology,  our services include:



Leadership Excellence

Our powerful strengths based Leadership Excellence coaching and training helps leaders of all kinds, experienced and aspiring, expand their knowledge and skill sets. Research-based, business-focused and positive, our individual coaching and custom leadership excellence programs engage individuals and teams with lessons they can apply for years. We serve businesses across all industries and also offer programs tailored to healthcare and higher education


Organizational Development

The Right Reflection offers solutions to strengthen organizational effectiveness at the department, team or organization-wide level. From helping to align individual and team behaviors with the desired culture to identifying barriers to teamwork, productivity, and change, we surface underlying obstacles and propose constructive, sustainable solutions that really work. We work with teams of any size and across all industries. 

Speaking Engagements

No worries (or yawns) here. Pam Hernandez will energize your business event with powerful, relevant and uplifting messages. An expert speaker, facilitator and event advisor, Pam adds a spark to meetings and events with her engaging style and insights on a wide range of leadership and self-awareness topics.

Leadership Excellence Programs by Industry

We have Leadership Excellence Programs tailored specifically to Business, Healthcare and Higher Education. Click below to further explore your area of interest.

Meet Pam Hernandez

Pam Hernandez knows a thing or two about leadership. She excelled as a business leader for more than 30 years, working her way up from an entry level position to Chief Operating Officer in the financial services industry. Her talent with people, hiring, managing and inspiring the best of employees, was a particular strength. Pam began sharing her unique leadership strategies as a public speaker. The experience changed audiences and Pam alike. Her passion for teaching transformational leadership led her back to school (she obtained a Masters Degrees in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania) and to form The Right Reflection. Today, organizations, individuals, and teams, turn to Pam to see what is possible and achieve true, positive change for new levels of success and self-acceptance.

Client Testimonials

“My purpose in writing this note is to enthusiastically endorse Pam Hernandez at Right Reflection’s executive coaching. Timing is everything and I am certain that working with Pam gave me immediate alternatives and strategies to meet the challenges of leadership. Pam is an expert who is well read and able to share from research, literature or real life experiences. If you are ready to really explore your leadership including your work-life balance Pam is the Executive Coach for you.”

Amy Richardson  President and CEO, Women’s Center for Advancement
Amy Richardson

”I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pam in her role as an advisor to the Tri-Faith Initiative in our search for our first full-time executive director, and as a coach for me as I began planning a transition of my role at my company, Vic Gutman & Associates. Pam brings a wealth of experience from her work in HR and strategic planning at a major insurance company, and, just as important, incisive intuition, and empathy in her work with organizations and individuals. Pam’s unique blend of  experience and skills forged from the corporate world, and her insightful and empathetic nature, make her an outstanding consultant and coach.”


Vic Gutman,   President, Vic Gutman & Associates
Vic Gutman, 

“Pamela Alfrey Hernandez was the keynote speaker at the Urban League of Nebraska’s Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon, where we recognized local corporations for their commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Pam shared from her personal experiences and insights her perspective on unconscious and implicit bias and how it may impact the workplace.  She conveyed a relevant message in a manner that was pertinent and tactful, and she challenged the audience to employ her strategies in their environment”

Thomas H. Warren, Sr.   Executive Director, Urban League of Nebraska
Thomas H. Warren, Sr.

“The Nebraska Medical Association and Nebraska Medical Foundation have worked with Pam and The Right Reflection and are extremely pleased with our relationship. Beginning a new “leadership academy” has been made easy with Pam’s expertise and willingness to work with her clients individually. We are excited about continuing our relationship into the future!”

Amy Reynoldson,  Executive Vice President,Nebraska Medical Association
Amy Reynoldson,

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